Fund your music tour with a "mini-tour"

Getting your act on the road is one of the most important steps in your music career because it will allow you to test the response you get in front of different people with different backgrounds. Most musicians never take this leap and it is a hard one to make especially when it comes to the challenge of paying for your tour.

One simple way to break into a real tour is to learn how to book a mini-tour first in your local area that won't consist of you having to stay anywhere overnight but you should be able to return home each night.

I live in the central Texas area and there are literally 5 major cities within 2-3 hours from us that we can hip up and be home the same night.  This is just a more cost effective way to get your feet wet.  Hotel and accomodation costs are what eat up most of your money and being far away from home to the point of no immediate return can be nerve wrecking for many artists.

So the goal is to plan an event at each of these cities, but only hit one or two spots each week. Now there are a couple of ways to raise the money to pay for this outing. For one if you plan right and remove the need to spend the night at these show spots, then you can get the ball rolling with a small investment.   In another article I discuss how to reach out and get booked by clubs

What you will need for the tour: transportation, Munchies, music equipment, and your merchandise. You can get the ball rolling for cheap by just focusing on getting enough merchandise to cover the first few shows, and simply bank on item sales to pay for the rest of the stops. By doing a mini-tour like this won't cost too much and it will build your reputation up in your local area anyway. Just remember to use the mini tour as a learning and earning experience.

You should be able to pull in a decent amount of money with your merchandise and the experience you have gained from touring your local area will give you the confidence an hopefully cash to hit a real statewide tour or even Nationwide.


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  1. What a great idea! I never would have thought about it prior to reading this, but I am so glad I know now. I don't know if I, or anyone for that matter, would have even thought about this. I am going to try this, hopefully it works as well as you make it seem like it will!

  2. A fantastic suggestion. Of course money is the main concern for me as it is a risk to rely on the sale of merchandise to pay for all of the equipment etc. However, I'm certainly willing to give it a go, as I've been pumped to start my own mini tour for months now.Thank you for the advice!