Soulful Hip hop brings back great memories

Ever listened to a new hip hop song and just got thrown back in time.  The following is one of those instrumentals that has that effect on myself which is why I named it joyful memories.  Maybe you get the same effect maybe you don't.  Please give this track a listen and let me know your reaction to it.


This blog features my latest hip hop music projects as I spend hours pounding away at my desktop.  Working as the lead producer for AndWeLike, an independent co-op of rappers has given me tons of experience when it comes to producing original hip hop music.

I started making beats on flstudio formerly know as fruityloops over 10 years ago when I was attending the University of Hawaii for electrical engineering.  I suppose music is my true calling because I ended up dropping out of school and developping my music production skills.

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My name is Prince J. Aka & I have been making original instrumentals since 2003.  I now run a home studio and work as the lead producer for "AndWeLike" Music Group Located in Central Texas.  I enjoy making music of all sorts and this blog is my way of sharing my process for turning my hobby and passion into a way of life. Follow my thoughts by entering your email Below:

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